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Help needed to nurture and grow a unique plant/tree - Aegle marmelos

Hi - I need your expert advice as to how I nurture and grow a plant which is very uncommon here in Sydney. Its botanical name is . Aegle marmelos ( I bought this from an Indian shop near Glenfield (NSW)

I have a very small plant (just about five leaves) in a very small pot. I am worried about protecting it through a few autumns/winters.

Appreciate if you can help me as to how I can take care of it as well as soil, food & fertiliser and anything else please.

I can send a couple of pics of the plant by email as they exceed 2mb each

Submitted: 12:44PM, 28 Mar 2019
Answer: Hi Ramesh,

Thank you for contacting Yates.

As you have mentioned, the tree is not a common fruit tree growing in Australia so we haven’t got any experience growing the tree. However, from information provided from Daleys, it’s a drought tolerant and frost hardy tree ( from -7C to 48C ). I would still recommend providing frost protection for the first couple of years considering its in sapling stage.

If you are growing the tree in a pot, try Yates Premium Fruit and Citrus Potting Mix with Dynamic Lifter for your fruit tree, please read more from the following link:

Best Regards,
Yates Horticulturist

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Answered: 11:41AM, 29 Mar 2019


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