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Mulching problem

In winter I paid two men to cover my large garen with good quality mulch. (I am on an aged pension so not easy!)
I’m feeling now we’ve had little rain that this was a big mistake! I can’t afford a ‘watering system ‘. Now, when we get a little rain or I spend half the day watering, I end up with nice wet mulch and the soil underneath like grey sand! Why are we advised to mulch and what the heck do I do now?

Submitted: 01:06PM, 21 Feb 2019
Answer: Hi Jill,

Thank you for contacting Yates.

Mulch is great for garden to help retaining soil moisture, reducing pest and disease and maintaining soil temperature. However, it’s important to choose the right mulch and apply the right thickness. Please read more details about mulch from the following link:

Hope this helps and happy gardening.

Best Regards,
Yates Horticulturist

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Answered: 05:47PM, 15 Mar 2019


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