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11:19PM, 14 May 2012
Answer: Hi Alex, From what I have read, I think the pla...
Category: Diseases
11:19PM, 14 May 2012
Medium_what_is_name_of_this_plant_please what is this plant please,

given to me by a neighbor who does not know, thanks heaps.

Submitted: 10:52AM, 12 Jan 2019
Answer: Hi Pete,

Thank you for contacting Yates.

The plant in your photo is a Cotinus coggygria and it is a beautiful exotic tree from Europe and Asia. It is best suited for planting in the garden because it will easily outgrow pots. To prepare the soil, we recommend and ‘Yates Thrive Natural Roses & Flowers Organic Based Pelletised Plant Food’.

Joyful gardening!

Kind regards,

Yate Horticulturist

Category: General
Answered: 09:40AM, 12 Feb 2019


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