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I have a five acre garden,, mostly natives,, I want to propagate from established trees etc. I need advice,,

I am using YATES planting powder, I did have plastic bottles over them but it was suggested to me that being very hot weather I may have cooked them.. I have propagated other plants in the past but now I want to prpogate trees..

Submitted: 08:58AM, 06 Jan 2019
Answer: Hi Bonnie,

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. We received a huge amount of queries over the Christmas break that we’re slowly working our way through. We appreciate your patience!

It’s fantastic to hear that you want to grow more trees! Propagating some trees is a bit more challenging than taking cuttings from shrubs. Some trees, for example eucalypts, are very difficult to grow from cuttings and are most commonly grown from seed. However native trees like callistemon (bottle brush) and wattles can be grown quite successfully from cuttings. So different propagation methods will suit different types of trees.

It’s great that you’re using the Yates cutting powder. It will help promote root development in cuttings. And putting the cuttings in plastic bottles is good too, as it helps to retain humidity, but particularly during hot weather it’s important to keep the bottles in a really shady spot, otherwise it will get too hot for them.

I hope you get to get to grow a lovely forest!

Happy propagating,


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Answered: 10:39AM, 08 Feb 2019


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