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Kentia palms leaves are going brown?

I have recently purchased five Kentia palms that are planted outside but in the shade. I have noticed that some of the leaves are going brown/red. I have read that this may be due to overwatering but I only water them every few days. Any ideas?

Submitted: 04:13PM, 04 Jan 2019
Answer: Hi Ian,

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. We received a huge amount of queries over the Christmas break that we’re slowly working our way through. We appreciate your patience!

Palms can be a bit fussy and can sulk a bit when they’re transplanted (they don’t like their roots being disturbed) however it sounds like there might be more to it than that.
It would be a good idea to have a gentle dig around in the soil to see what the moisture level is like. As you said, browning fronds could be a sign of over-watering however (confusingly), leaves can also brown if they’re under watered. So do some soil investigation and see what the moisture is like.

Another thing to check is whether your soil may be a bit salty? Saline soil can cause leaf browning too.
Good luck with your palms.

Happy gardening,


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Answered: 03:05PM, 06 Feb 2019


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