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prunning radista pine for Christmas trees

Hi we have 500 potted radiata pine seedlings that we want to shape into Xmas trees and I can't find anything on pruning them also we have 2000 in our paddocks that are 300mm tall and I want to know about prunning them . Thankyou

Submitted: 10:05AM, 01 Nov 2016
Answer: Hi Simon,

Thank you for contacting Yates.

Pinus radiata can be lightly pruned or shaped at least once a year to keep their shape.

You will need to take care when pruning. As with most conifers, these trees don’t take to a harsh prune and if cut back to bare wood will not recover.

The best way to ensure good growth is lightly trim back some of the soft leafy growth but always cut back to green.

Hopefully this information will assist you with the pruning job ahead!

Kind regards

Yates Horticulturalist

Answered: 10:43AM, 01 Nov 2016


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