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Timeframe between watering and use of Yates 'Plant Cutting Powder'

In propagation of succulents I use Yates 'Plant Cutting Powder' as part of the process. After planting the cutting I then water in with a 'Seasol' mixture. My question is, how soon after the planting should I be watering the plant? Will immediate watering wash the cutting powder off and thus render the use of the powder a waster of time? Is your answer applicable to other types of plants other then succulents? Yates' Tips, 'Growing from cuttings' seems to indicate watering straight away is ok.

Submitted: 05:46PM, 30 Aug 2016
Answer: Hello Garry,

There two points to consider in this case, relevant to most cases involving growing plants from cuttings. Assuming you are using Yates seed raising mix and following all other recommendations found on our ‘Growing from Cuttings’ webpage:

Firstly, we don’t recommend the use of Seasol. We do have products containing seaweed extract in our Thrive Naturals range, which may be useful when used at a weaker rate while roots are being established (but not necessary when the cuttings are initially planted).

Secondly, planting into a very moist mix and/or watering just enough to moisten the mix (but not beyond that point) would be all that is necessary in this case. That way, only a minimal amount of the active ingredient in the Plant Cutting Powder product will be leached away from the cutting itself.

So, keeping the above in mind; in most cases watering immediately after planting the cuttings in the seed raising mix would be suitable.

Kind regards,

Yates Consumer Advice Horticulturalist

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Answered: 06:31PM, 30 Aug 2016


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