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09:44AM, 21 Nov 2009
Answer: Dear Janet, There is not a registered fungicide...
Category: Diseases
09:44AM, 21 Nov 2009
a mould moss like alge growing on the ground. looks like fish scales joined together. can it be killed off.

It can be picked up like moss in a clump. It is green.Grows in a damp cool area like moss.

Submitted: 07:45PM, 05 Jun 2010
Answer: Hi Kevin, sounds like you have liverwort growing. We don’t have a selective herbicide for home garden any longer as it was recently deleted. You may find some on the store shelf under the name of Zero Moss and Algae (trigger bottle ready to use). if not have a look in the cleaning products isle at Bunnings and look for a product with Benzalkonium chloride as the active ingredient. If you need a large amount, there is a Yates commercial concentrate product sold through rural distributors, like Elders, called Yates Surrrender
Category: General
Tags: weeds
Answered: 11:29AM, 09 Jun 2010


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