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Medium_photo-3 Mandarin tree has developed yellow spots all over the leaves

I thought this could be an iron deficiency at first but my tree has yellow spots rather than the yellowing all over as I have seen on pics online. I tried treating the tree with white oil in case there was a pest issue but nothing changed. Any ideas as to what it could be?

Submitted: 08:21PM, 19 Dec 2013
Answer: Hi Lindsey,
The yellow patches may be caused by scale. Often the scale can be found on the underside of the leaf and can be scratched off with a fingernail. Applying Pest oil regularly will help.
To improve the general health of the mandarin apply fertiliser in spring and autumn. Yates Uplift Liquid Organic Fertiliser contains seaweed, fish, fulvic acid, bio-active microbes and a wetting agent and an application of this product now will help the plant recover.
Apply Dynamic Lifter Plus for Fruit which is suitable for citrus.
Answered: 09:24AM, 02 Jan 2014


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