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11:42AM, 21 Oct 2009
Answer: Because the Spring temperatures are presently s...
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11:42AM, 21 Oct 2009
Do Yates sell packets of passionfruit seed and if so, when do I plant either them or seedlings for next season

I bought a Nelly Kelly last season and it was a disaster. The graft took over and strangled the NK, even though I kept cuttting the graft vine out. This resulted in lots of flowers which died before fruiting. I intend to dig it out before next season and Don Burke recommends seedlings rather than another graft

Submitted: 09:42AM, 07 Apr 2010
Answer: Dear Norma,

Nellie Kelly passionfruit are grafted onto a strong rootstock and are notorious for suckering. You could try growing a passionfruit on its own rootstock. Some nurseries will carry the seedling variety. One that comes to mind is called “Norfolk Island”. You may have to ring around to see if one can be ordered in for you.

Answered: 09:47AM, 16 Apr 2010


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