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11:19PM, 14 May 2012
Answer: Hi Alex, From what I have read, I think the pla...
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11:19PM, 14 May 2012
I have a passionfruit vine that is thick & lush and producing plenty of flowers but they all die and fall.

I live in Toowoomba and have it planted on a fence running east west,same thing happened last year(its first year)its beside a vege garden. Do i need to plant another and if so how close or what else can i do.

Submitted: 01:12PM, 30 Mar 2010
Answer: Dear Jillian,

There can be a few reasons why your passionfruit vine is not setting fruit.

Passionfruit do best in a warm, protected sunny spot.
Poor pollination – the bees not present or not doing their job.
Heavy rains – reducing the viability of the pollen.
Temperatures either being too high or too low.
Extended perids of overcast weather may cause the flower to drop.

I know recently parts of Queensland have been experiencing prolonged periods of rainy weather and perhaps this has played a part in your passionfruit not setting viable fruit.

You don’t need to plant another passionfruit for it to bear fruit. You might like to prune back your vine at the end of winter/beginning of spring. Fruit is produced on the current season’s growth, so removal of old wood and excessive end growth will keep the vine under control and will also encourage growth that will bear fruit.

Answered: 02:25PM, 12 Apr 2010


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