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01:32PM, 06 Jan 2012
Answer: Hi Fred, Lime Sulfur is registered for use on r...
Category: Diseases
01:32PM, 06 Jan 2012
my rosella bushes are dying one by one.there seems to be no obvious reason. no one knows why. it has happened to someone else last year also

Submitted: 07:32PM, 08 Mar 2010
Answer: Dear Gloria,
You don’t mention the age of your rosella bushes.
Strictly speaking they are an annual plant, short lived and fast growing. The plant will produce a prolific crop in its first season with a less substantial crop in the second year. They prefer to grown in temperatures over 25 degrees.
Perhaps you might like to try growing some more plants this coming spring.
Answered: 09:00AM, 18 Mar 2010


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