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when is the best time to prune passionfruit

We have a nest of field mice in our passionfruit I think and were wondering when was the best time to prune as the vine has grown well with the rain etc this year

Submitted: 11:37AM, 08 Mar 2012
Answer: Hi Jan,
Passionfruit vines planted in Spring sometimes give a light crop in Autumn but usually bear well the following Summer. The best time to prune the vine is after fruiting and this will allow better air movement and encourages new laterals on which fruit is formed. Did you have fruit this Summer? If so then cut back the vine during Autumn or early Winter.
Apply fertiliser next Spring when the growth starts up again.
Category: Fruit & Citrus
Tags: passionfruit
Answered: 12:19PM, 12 Mar 2012


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