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Peruvian (south American?)cherry tree planted 4 yrs not showing signs of fruiting.

Have fertilised with granular,liquid manure,(cow) plus cow plops, iron chelates plus trace elements over 4 yrs
I spray maldison for leef minor?but keeps returning.Am I using correct product?

Submitted: 07:05AM, 21 Feb 2010
Answer: Dear Joe,

You certainly live in a climate where your Psidium tree should be thriving and producing an abundance of fruit. From what you have told me, the tree appears to have received adequate fertilising over the past 4 years for it to produce flowers and set fruit.

What I can do is give you the name of a book which details specific information on the growing of this particular tree, and hopefully this will help you:
The Complete Book of Fruit Growing in Australia by Louis Glowinski. You may be able to pick it up from your local library.

Yates no long have Malathion in our range of products. If it is leaf miner, then PestOil would be the product to use. PestOil will also control soft scale and Success will control any caterpillar infestation.

Good luck in taking care of your tree.

Answered: 09:55AM, 26 Feb 2010


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