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Medium_img_0129 Can anybody tell me what's happened to my apples? Starts as a small mark,then forms a dimple as the grows

Cutting them open the apple has rotted

Submitted: 07:32PM, 23 May 2017
Answer: Hi,

Thank you for contacting Yates. The damage you see on your apples is caused by the larvae of the codling moth. The larvae can cause two types of damage – the first is a “sting” to the fruit, where the larvae has penetrated the fruit surface but died shortly after (as seen on your apples). The second is when the larvae has tunnelled into the fruit core and been able to feed in the seed cavity.

To help control codling moth, spray with Yates Success Ultra when the petals begin to fall. Ensure you spray foliage and bark crevices thoroughly. To control the larvae/caterpillars, spray again with Yates Success Ultra 2-3 weeks after petals have fallen. Repeat as necessary to control the life cycle.

If you bag your fruit, it may be worthwhile spraying before bagging, particularly if codling moth was a problem last year.

Hope this helps!

Happy gardening,
Yates Horticulturist

Answered: 12:43PM, 24 May 2017


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