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Medium_1453506645 my lemon tree leaves are curling up and it has white oval bugs in some places

my lemon tree leaves are curling up and it has white oval bugs in some places

Submitted: 10:50AM, 23 Jan 2016
Answer: Hello Frank,

You appear to have a classic case of citrus under attack!

I would suggest citrus leaf miner and scale are your two main issues here. Yates Pest Oil should keep the citrus leaf miner and a range of scale insects under control. Mixing Yates White Oil Insecticide with Yates Success Ultra Insect Control (as suggested on the label of Yates Success Ultra) will provide targeted control of citrus leaf miner. Always carefully follow the label instructions, noting appropriate timing and conditions for sprays. Feeding the tree with Yates Dynamic Lifter Plus Fruit Food, along with appropriate regular irrigation, will help maximise the plant’s natural resilience to pest and disease attack.

We hope your lemon tree is back in good shape soon.

Kind regards,

Yates Consumer Advice Horticulturalist

Answered: 07:33PM, 23 Jan 2016


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