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Medium_lemon_2 Meyer lemon has suddenly developed sooty mould and white powder on leaf veins and some 'gall' on branches

The 'galls' are really surface deposits (see photo) that are easily removed
and disintegrate. These appear not to have penetrated. Whole tree affected.

Submitted: 12:01PM, 07 May 2015
Answer: It looks like you have a bad scale infection. These sap sucking insects produce a substance called honey dew which ants love to eat but it also causes sooty mould to form. Try and remove the worst effected areas or physically remove as many of them as possible then treat the tree with Yates Pest Oil. You may need to retreat it in a couple of weeks time to control any newly hatched crawlers.
Answered: 04:23PM, 07 May 2015


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