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Medium_passionfruit_leaves i bought 4 passion vines 3ft tall but 1 has yellow spots on leaves. will copper spray help or kill leaves

I was told that copper spray may cause all the leaves to drop off but as they are all young 3 ft plants just purchased from nursery a month ago and they have only just started growing i dont want to kill off the foliage. I was also told I could use copper as a preventative but your site and the product doesnt actually explain how to use it whether i spray the trunk or the leaves and how it affects the plant if leaves fall off etc although it does tell you how to mix it. i am also not sure if it can be used on such young passionfruit plants or if i have to wait till spring to use it or if i even have the right product for this problem but i just wish to prevent the other 3 plants catching it. I am growing them in pots on trelis

Submitted: 06:50PM, 18 Mar 2015
Answer: It does look like you may have septoria spot. This can be controlled using Yates Leaf Curl Copper Fungicide Spray. Mixing rates can be found on the products webpage under the how to use tab and follow the link. The product should be applied to the affected areas, copper based fungicides need to contact the pathogen for them to have an effect so you should spray all affected areas and areas you would like to protect.
The product should not burn the leaves of your plants if the plant is not suffering from moisture stress, so it is a good idea to give the plant a good drink the day before applying.
Answered: 12:18PM, 31 Mar 2015


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