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no fruit on passion fruit

I live in a high density living area. My unit faces due north. There are 6' wooden fences around each block. 2 years ago I planted a passion fruit vine on the back fence, i.e. the northern side. It has a few flowers but never sets fruit. Last year I planted another vine on my western fence i.e. the eastern side, but it doesn't flower. Last year my neighbour planted passion fruit vines on their back and side fence i.e. the northern side of the back and western side of the side fence. They get fruit on both vines. They have allowed the vine on the side fence to grow to my side but no flowers appear on my side of the fence.

I have fertilized both vines with dynamic lifter and given them soluble potash but neither seem to have helped. Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you

Len Watson

Do you have an

Submitted: 09:19AM, 12 Feb 2015
Answer: Passionfruit require 140 litres of water weekly when in full production so make sure you are watering them sufficiently. They also have a shallow root system so mulching can help to retain moisture in the soil.
You can also try pruning it back to encourage some new growth and flowering. Keep appling Dynamic Lifter Plus Fruit Food to help encourage the new growth.
If you have a grafted variety check that the rootstock isn’t growing from under the graft which will sap energy from the plant.
Answered: 02:03PM, 13 Mar 2015


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