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I have 2 macadamia tree, very old been neglected for a long time but still bearing fruit.

What sort of fertilizing do you reccomend?
I been to Bunning and they reccomend blood and bone with potash
It is right?
appreciate your answer

Submitted: 08:17PM, 27 Apr 2012
Answer: Hi Liliana,

You can certainly use the Yates Professional Blood & Bone plus Potash to fertilise your macadamia trees. Blood & bone has a long established tradition as an organic plant food and, because it releases its nutrients gently over a long period, it is classed as one of the original slow release fertilisers. Its gentle nature makes Blood & bone suitable for virtually all plants and because its slow release matches the slower growth at this time of the year, blood and bone is an ideal fertiliser for the cooler months.

Another suitable fertiliser would be Acticote + Instant Booster for Natives. This product is best applied in early spring and then again in late summer. It will feed continually for 6 months and give your trees all the nutrients they need to encourage leaf growth and increased flowering.

Answered: 10:59AM, 07 May 2012


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