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What Yates Fertiziler is high in nitrogen?

I want a fertiziler for my veggie garden. I've been told a fertiziler high in nitogen is the best. I currently use blood and bone.

Submitted: 05:45PM, 07 Mar 2012
Answer: Hi Claudette,

Blood & Bone is high in nitrogen and is an excellent fertiliser to use when you are preparing your vegetable garden beds and as a ongoing fertiliser. As well as supplying the necessary nutrients, it will also improve the structure of the soil.

Dynamic Lifter Organic Plant Food is ideal for use on a vegetable garden. It can be used when preparing the beds and then re-applied every 6 weeks during the growing season.

Thrive All Purpose Granular Fertiliser is best applied as a pre-planting fertiliser.

Leafy vegetables such as spinach, silverbeet & lettuce require a nitrogen level so fertilising with Thrive Soluble or Aquasol every 10 – 14 days during the growing season will ensure that your plants receive the required amount of nitrogen they need for good strong growth.

Trust you will have fun growing all your own vegies.

Answered: 12:21PM, 08 Mar 2012


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