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12:07AM, 12 Jan 2012
Answer: Hi Jo, The native frangipani is native to the s...
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12:07AM, 12 Jan 2012
I grow strawberries in 20cm pots in front of a north facing wall, please advise ratio of aquasol to water.

Submitted: 01:11PM, 03 Jan 2012
Answer: Hi Tim

The dilution rate of Aquasol is 16 grams (2 level spoonfuls in 10 litres of water. This product can be used in a watering can and applied to your pots containing the strawberries. This amount of product will cover 5 square metres so what you don’t use after applying it to your pots, you can use on other plants or pots in your garden. We suggest you apply the Aquasol every two weeks.

Answered: 10:50AM, 04 Jan 2012


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