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I need growth and increased thickness for a lilly Pilly hedge on my southern boundary in Brisbane.

The current hedge was restricted by neighbouring vegetation which has been removed but in it's place there will be a 2 storey house just 4 metres from my house and I am to lose all privacy.

today when comparing your slow release native fertiliser with Osmocote's similar product, there appeared to be different amounts and different types of ingredients/nutrients and I was then totally confused and became concerned that I could kill the hedge if I use the incorrect fertiliser.

What fertiliser to give rapid growth and how often to fertilise?

Submitted: 02:29PM, 11 Dec 2011
Answer: Hi Marie,
Garden Gold Fertiliser for native plants contains a Granular wetting agent as well as the fertiliser which has been specially formulated for Australian native plants. It has a low level of phosphorus which is suitable for natives.
Yates Acticote for natives is a controlled release fertiliser that also contains some fast release fertiliser and will provide continuous feeding for up to 6 months depending on the temperature and moisture conditions.

Lilly pilly tend to also like organic fertiliser such as blood and bone or Dynamic Lifter. The most important aspect of planting your new hedge is to ensure the ground is well prepared beforehand by adding either cow manure or blood and bone or Dynamic Lifter to the soil prior to planting and leave a week to break down.

Apply the fertiliser in Spring and in Autumn each year and ensure water is adequate particularly during the Summer months.

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Answered: 10:09AM, 13 Dec 2011


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