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Hi, I have a small courtyard'ish garden in the front of the house which is surrounded by concrete. Basically between the garage, first bedroom and footpath leading to the front door. In that garden is a gardenia hedge and a cycad (sorry for the spelling)

Submitted: 09:40AM, 10 Feb 2010
Answer: Dear Darren,

It does sound like your gardenia hedge is planted in a rather warm spot with concerete surroundings. Gardenias do best in a sheltered spot that receives morning sun away from the hot afternoon sun. They prefer to grow in a well composted soil that has good drainage and has had a mulch applied to conserve moisture. Hopefully, this is the situaion in which they are now currently planted.

Summer is not the time to fertilise. Best to wait until Autumn when the weather conditions are milder. If the leaves are yellowing it does mean that the plant is in need of nutrients. This can be remedied by applying a fertiliser that is suitable for gardenias and other acid-loving plants. One fertiliser we would recommend is Dynamic Lifter Advanced for Camellias, Azsaleas & Rhododendrons. This fertiliser is a blend of composted chicken manure and mineral fertilisers specifically formulated to encourage heathy growth and flowering. It can be applied in Spring to mid Autumn avoiding application when the temperatures are above 30 degrees C.

Nature’s Way Seaweed Booster is another Yates product you might consider using. It is a tonic that encourages heathy flowering, and root growth. It will improve plant survival and enhance recovery in stress conditions. It can be applied every 2-4 weeks to both your Cycad and the gardenia hedge to improve your plants overall health.

I am sure with adequate watering, mulching and fertilising your plants will soon show signs of improvement.

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Answered: 12:38PM, 12 Feb 2010


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