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How oftern to fertilize a newly established garden and what prpoducts to use

My new garden is a sandy based garden in Perth, WA and going to consist of Muraya Paniculatas, Vibernum Suspensums, Dianelle Blazes, Supressus Sempervirens Glaucas, Wexteringia Fructicosas and a couple of Magnolia Little Gems, Chinese Tallows and Frangipanis.... with a samll vegetable patch....

After I have planted and initially fertilised them, how often should I fertilise them from then onwards? And when I do fertilise, should I sprinkle some blood & bone, dynamic lifter and some NPK granules around these plants?

With thanks


Submitted: 10:26AM, 02 Sep 2011
Answer: Dear David,

There are a number of fertilisers that you can use on your garden depending upon their requirements. Because you have sandy soils and such soils tend to drain very freely, it is always a good idea to incorporate lots of organic matter to hold the nutrients necessary for good plant growth.

Acticote + Instant Booster for Fruit, Citrus, Trees & Shrubs provides a long term balanced feeding solution that isrich in nitrogen and phosphorus to encourage healthy growth and strong root development. It is suitable for all year round application, however for best results apply in spring and late summer/autumn when new growth appears. There is a special Acticote for natives which has a lower phosphorus level, more suitable for native plants.

Yates have just released a new liquid product called Uplift. It is a complete plant food that harnesses the power of 5 plant growth ingredients to boost your garden, those being fish, seaweed, Bio-Activ, fulvic acid and a natural wetting agent. This product can be applied every 1-2 weeks when plants are actively growing.

I have attached a link from our website which will give you all the information on fertilisers that you need to keep your garden and plants looking good.

Roll on spring and happy gardening.

Answered: 09:43AM, 05 Sep 2011


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