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Using Thrive on my New Guinea Impatiens

I used Thrive on my New Guinea Impatiens some over 12 months old some onlr 3 months old- 2 spoons in 9 litre Watering Can and it effected the Flowers on some of them - any idea why?

Submitted: 10:54AM, 08 May 2019
Answer: Hi Eric,
Thank you for contacting Yates.

Could you please provide us with a clear photo of the whole plant and another clear close-up photo of the affected plant material for further diagnosis. Also, could you please specify the type of Thrive has been used?

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,
Yates Horticulturist

Category: Fertilising
Tags: Thrive, impatiens
Answered: 05:31PM, 10 May 2019


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