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Medium_img_5894 My purple mangosteen plant is stunted and its leaves are a pale green. New leaves are small & do not develop.

The stunted plant is in the photo next to another mangosteen from a different supplier and in the same greenhouse, kept at 26C, with artificial light and high humidity and its doing well. I suspect the stunted plant needs some adjustment in soil or fertilizer but I'm not sure whats causing its new leaves to be pale and stunted and not develop fully.

Submitted: 06:59PM, 01 May 2019
Answer: Hi Mike,

Thank you for contacting Yates.

I would suggest replanting the sapling in fresh potting mix and make sure the roots are nice and healthy. Also, the yellow leaves indicate lacking of nutrients, you may try to add some liquid fertiliser weekly to the potting mix: try Dynamic Lifter Liquid Concentrate. It’s certified for use in organic gardens, and contains seaweed, blood&bone and fish meal to help developing new roots and restoring healthy growth. Click here for more info:

Hope this helps and happy gardening.

Best Regards,
Yates Horticulturist

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Tags: stunt growth
Answered: 04:41PM, 04 May 2019


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