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12:05PM, 25 Oct 2009
Answer: It is difficult to say for sure if your bullalo...
Category: Lawns
12:05PM, 25 Oct 2009
My Palmetto Buffalo has gone to seed. It has just been treated with Eco Neem for armyworm.

I'm wondering if i should mow and fertilise or will this just aid the army worm infestation.

Submitted: 08:07PM, 06 Apr 2019
Answer: Hi Sue,
Thank you for contacting Yates.

After armyworm treatment, it’s best to mow the grass a week after application and feed the lawn to help recovery. Try Yates Buffalo Pro Lawn Fertiliser. It’s a premium lawn fertiliser, specially formulated to get the best out of Buffalo lawns – greener and thicker lawns in days! Click here for more info:
Hope this helps and happy gardening.

Best Regards,
Yates Horticulturist

Category: Fertilising
Answered: 10:36AM, 09 Apr 2019


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