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Is it worth fertilising pittosporum in winter? It still seems to get new growth despite the cool weather.

I’ve been trying to grow a pittosporum hedge for 3-4 years. I’ve noticed some improvement after using liquid clay breaker but am now keen to promote growth. I live in Canberra so the winter is very cool but the pittosporum does seem to have new growth all year round.

Submitted: 04:02PM, 12 Jun 2018
Answer: Hi Gardener,

Many plants are dormant or put on very little growth during the winter months.
Although you are seeing some new growth in your pittosporums,they would benefit more from a decent feed of Dynamic Lifter fertiliser in spring because they are not actively growing now.
In the ACT, slow release and control release fertilsers which rely on temperature to break down, are very slow to act (if at all) so it would be wasteful to use them now if your plants are not going to benefit from their nutrients. Using quick acting soluble/liquid fertilisers may encourage a little growth but this new growth is susceptible to frost damage in cooler zones.

My advice is to wait until spring, the results will be better.

Kind regards, Kay.
Yates Horticulturalist

Answered: 10:38AM, 13 Jun 2018


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