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07:44AM, 20 Mar 2010
Answer: Dear Jocelyn, Lush Bindii & Broadleaf Weede...
Category: Weeds
07:44AM, 20 Mar 2010
I have a bottle of Yates Succulent fertilizer and the label is missing. What is the correct dosage?

Submitted: 10:33AM, 15 Aug 2010
Answer: Dear Filip,
the dilution rate of the Thrive concentrate Cacti & Succulent fertiliser is 5 mls mixed in 2L of water. Apply every 2-4 weeks during spring and summer. Apply solution to damp soil and provide a good soaking. Allow surplus water to drain away. Avoid dropping solution on the sensitive growing point of the plant.
Answered: 07:23AM, 16 Aug 2010


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