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10:29AM, 21 Oct 2009
Answer: When growing herbs in pots ensure that they are...
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10:29AM, 21 Oct 2009
09:27AM, 27 Oct 2009
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09:27AM, 27 Oct 2009
Hi No more 500 ml dynamic lifter! HELP! What to use instead? PLEASE

Potted 30cm plants on pedestals have thrived on the liquid!
They're on strike ! ,going yellow....
Now what?
I usually buy at Bunnings

Please advise


Submitted: 12:47PM, 07 Jun 2010
Answer: Hi Bob, this concentrate product now called Yate’s Nature’s Way Multi-Nutrient Booster. Contains the same components of Dynamic Lifter, Fish Emulsion and Seaweed.
Category: Fertilising
Tags: fertiliser
Answered: 01:31PM, 07 Jun 2010


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