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HI, I have a young Moorpark apricot tree that has sustained an injury to the trunk and appears to be weeping gum. Should I be worried about gumosis? Thanks, Robin

Submitted: 12:33PM, 09 Apr 2010
Answer: Dear Robin,

Gummosis or dead arm disease is a fungus that gains entry to the tree usually through pruning cuts.

The gumming that you see on the tree is a natural reaction to the injury the tree has sustained and doesn’t necessarily mean that your tree will be infected with this fungus. Even so, you will still need to protect your tree by cleaning away the damaged bark and allowing sufficient air circulation around the wound so it is able to callus over and heal naturally on its own.

If you like, you could also apply a copper fungicide as a paste to the wound, after you have removed all the dead tissue. You may need to reapply the past until natural healing is evident.

Answered: 09:56AM, 21 Apr 2010


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