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Medium_hedge I have a white ball like fungus/pest covering the barked area on my lilly pilly hedges, any advise?

Submitted: 02:46PM, 22 Jul 2012
Answer: Hi Amy,
The insect that is causing damage to your lilly pilly is the white wax scale. The mature female scale is capable of laying many eggs which are pale pink in colour and can be seen when you squash the wax. The eggs hatch and the crawlers move onto the leaves and stems to feed. This is the best time to treat with Pest oil. Treat in late spring/early summer. After you spray the scale do a follow up treatment 10-14 days later.

As the scale matures the wax coating thickens and then it is very difficult to control this pest.

During the winter you can also try and remove the scale by hand wearing a pair of rubber gloves. Rub your hands along the stems and branches and remove as many adult scale as possible.

Answered: 03:32PM, 23 Jul 2012


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