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I have a large photinia hedge (abour 6ft tall). Recently, the leaves on one of the trees in the hedge started to curl inwards. It was very noticable. We thought that some poison had gotten onto the leaves as our neighbour had been spraying weeds near our

There are no signs of insects or fungus. I have sprayed with pest oil but this has not made much difference. The problem is affecting both new leaves and mature leaves on the tree. What should I do to solve the problem>

Submitted: 02:20PM, 05 Mar 2010
Answer: Dear Margaret,
It is a little puzzling to know what has affected the one only bush in your photinia hedge.

One would think if it was the herbicide spray, that it would have affected the entire hedge. You say that there is no insect damage evident on the bush. Some insects are difficult to see with the naked eye, such as red spider mite, only visible with a hand lense. Spraying with PestOil will keep this insect under control. It might be worthwhile looking again to make sure this particular insect is not present.

It is very difficult to diagnose the problem without seeing the affected shrub. Perhaps you could take some of the affected leaves up to your local nursery for some help. If you would also like to email a photo, we would be happy to help further.

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Answered: 12:45PM, 11 Mar 2010


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