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how do I get rid of what appears to be a sooty mould on my alexander palms?

I live in Townsville NQ. I am assuming it is some sort of mould on the palms - it wipes off when rubbed. It is predominatley around the area where the palm fronds grow from the trunk but there appears to be some at the base of the tree as well.
Any help please.

Submitted: 09:22PM, 01 Mar 2010
Answer: Dear Anne,

It is possible that the sooty mould on your alexander palms is caused by scale. This scale insect tends to congregate under sheathing leaves and around the base of the plant. This pest sucks sap and a large amount of honeydew is produced. Sooty mould then occurrs. Scale can build up in large numbers so it is important to control this pest before the numbers grow.

The product to use is PestOil. This product will block the breathing pores of this insect causing suffocation and death. Thorough coverage of pests is essential. You may need to re-spray if the infestation is heavy.

The PestOil will also help to remove the sooty mould from the leaf.

Category: Diseases
Answered: 01:38PM, 10 Mar 2010


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