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04:20PM, 26 Oct 2009
Answer: It is too late to spray at this point as the tr...
Category: Diseases
04:20PM, 26 Oct 2009
I have a Hardenbergia with many dead leaves and brown spots on the remaining leaves. It is the prostrate variety?

I live in Sydney. A nearby Hardenbergis is showing similar symptoms. If this is a disease is there any treatment or do I need to remove the plant, and is it necessary to remove the resultant leaf litter? Can I plant another Hardenbergia in the same place?

Submitted: 09:11AM, 22 Oct 2009
Answer: Hardenbergia can develop leaf spots which can be attributed to over-moist conditions or poor drainage. The infected leaves should be removed and leaves that have fallen around the base of the plant should be cleaned up and disposed of. This will improve the aeration around the plant and help the plant to recover. Avoid overhead watering at this stage. When further watering is necessary, direct water at soil level.
Category: Diseases
Answered: 02:05PM, 29 Oct 2009


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