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leaves on Viburnum Odoratissimum turning brown -told it is bug that sucks chlorophyll from leaves-control?

Fear desease will destroy all the hedge as it is infecting all the new growth.
Have been spraying with Confidor -not sure it is working

Submitted: 09:12AM, 22 Feb 2011
Answer: Dear Marie,

It is difficult to know what is attacking your Viburnum, but from your description of the leaf, I would say that spider mite is most likely to be the culprit.

The product that you can use to control this pest is called Nature’s Way Insect & Mite Killer, Natrasoap. This is a low toxic, organic soap based spray that coats the insect causing it to suffocate and dry out. Because of its physical action of smothering, insects can’t build up resistance as with most chemical miticides.

It is important to maintain the health of the shrubs, so regular applications of Nature’s Way Seaweed Booster should be applied to improve the plant’s survival and enhance recovery under stressful conditions. You will also need to apply a slow release fertiliser, e.g. Acticote to supply the necessary nutrients.

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Answered: 12:21PM, 25 Mar 2011


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