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Medium_fiddle-leaf_fig_1 Fiddle-leaf fig with red spots on new leaves

Are you able to tell me what these red spots on my fiddle-leaf fig are caused by? They are only on the younger leaves.

I have another fiddle-leaf fig plant the same age that does not have the red spots.


Submitted: 10:52PM, 13 Nov 2018
Answer: Hi Jessica,

Thank you for contacting Yates.

The spots on the new leaves is not uncommon with the Fiddle Leaf figs and is a sign of Oedema. This is when the plant is taking up more water than what the leaves can use. With the excess water in the leaves and no way to transpire, the cells in the leaves rupture causing the spots.

This is not an issue with future growth as many of the spots will grow out. Don’t remove these leaves. However, if the watering is not altered to allow the plant to cope with the excess water, root rot can eventuate. If you do see this, limit the water at the base of the plant and allow it to have sufficient airflow to assist with the water movement.

Don’t forget to give your fiddle leaf a regular feed with Thrive Houseplant Liquid Plant Food. They love the nitrogen in this mix and will give you a happy and healthy fig!

Kind regards

Yates Horticulturist

Answered: 11:30AM, 14 Nov 2018


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