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Answer: Hi Shirley, Thank you for contacting Yates. For the control of myrtle rust on plants from the Myrtaceae family (e.g., Eucalyptus, Angophras, Callis...
Category: Pests
Tags: gum tree, fungus, Rust
Answered: 11:04AM, 20 Feb 2019
Answer: Hi Glenn, Thank you for contacting Yates. We recommend using ‘Yates Dynamic Lifter Soil Improver and Plant Fertiliser’ to assist with h...
Category: Fertilising
Answered: 04:35PM, 20 Feb 2019
Answer: Hi Joe, Thank you for contacting Yates. We would recommend that you wait until your tree is at least 4 weeks old (after planting out) prior to appl...
Category: Products
Tags: fruit, root rot
Answered: 12:10PM, 21 Feb 2019
Answer: Hi Kelly, Thank you for contacting Yates. The worms are not likely causing the damage to the plants roots. If you have had curl grubs, these are th...
Category: Pests
Tags: worms, garden bed
Answered: 03:16PM, 21 Feb 2019
Answer: Hi Christine, Thank you for contacting Yates. After applying Yates Weed n Feed Liquid Hose On, you will need to keep your pets of the treated area...
Category: Lawns
Tags: dogs, weed n feed
Answered: 02:15PM, 21 Feb 2019