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Fruit Fly Control

Late summer fruiting vegies like tomatoes and capsicum are susceptible to attack from Queensland and Mediterranean fruit flies. You rarely notice the adult fruit flies, just the small white ‘maggots’ inside affected fruit. It’s important to start controlling fruit flies early, while the fruit is still small and before it has changed colour.

Yates® Nature’s Way® Fruit Fly Control is certified for use in organic gardens. It combines an insecticide derived from naturally occurring soil bacteria with a protein and sugar bait. The spray is applied to the trunk or lower foliage of plants (rather than to the fruit itself) and the fruit flies are attracted to and ingest the bait and insecticide mix.

You can also spray Yates® Nature’s Way® Fruit Fly Control onto a 30cm square piece of plywood and hang this in amongst susceptible plants.

It’s important to reapply the spray each week to keep fruit and vegies protected.


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