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Indoor Plants For Low Light

Growing plants indoors has multiple health benefits, including helping to absorb chemicals from the air and increasing oxygen levels inside our homes.

Many plants will tolerate low light levels, so are perfect choices for darker spots around the house. Here are some plants to consider:

Over and under watering are two of the most common problems with indoor plants. The best way to check moisture levels is to gently scratch around with your finger in the potting mix. If it feels dry and dusty, it could probably do with a drink. If some potting mix sticks to your finger and feels a little moist, then delay watering for a few days.

Don’t leave water sitting in plant saucers as the lower layers of the potting mix remain sodden, which can lead to root rot.

Leafy indoor plants require regular feeding to help keep them looking healthy and promote fresh new foliage. A liquid or soluble plant food rich in nitrogen (which is the nutrient that encourages green leaf growth) is ideal. Yates® Thrive Easy Pods™ All Purpose Soluble Plant Food is a complete plant food that is high in nitrogen and super easy to use.

Just pop one pre-measured, fully dissolvable pod in a 9L watering can and you’re ready to feed.


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