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Deficient Citrus

Healthy, well fed citrus trees have the best chance to provide us with buckets of home grown delicious juicy fruit.

Regularly using a complete fertiliser specially formulated with the right proportions of the 3 main elements – nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium – such as Yates® Thrive® Citrus Liquid Plant Food, is an important step towards having happy citrus trees. Citrus also require ‘trace’ elements in small amounts for total plant health.

Some soils and potting mixes are deficient in these trace elements, or the soil pH makes it hard for plants to access them. So in addition to using complete fertilisers we may need to give citrus a helping hand and provide them with additional trace elements.

Two common trace element deficiencies of citrus are iron and magnesium. It’s simple to correct both these deficiencies with specially designed trace element liquids.

Both Yates® Leaf Greener Iron Chelate and Yates® Leaf Greener Magnesium Chelate stick firmly to the foliage and are rainfast in 2-3 hours.


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