Pots of colour for the winter garden

Apr Wk4

April’s the month to plan your garden for the months ahead. For example, by planting up pots of flowers now, you’ll have weeks of colour to decorate your relatively bare winter garden.

Start with a pot. Yates Tuscan Edge and Artesian pots are good looking, easy to move and have clever, self-watering features that mean they’re much less likely to dry out between waterings. This is especially helpful for busy gardeners who aren’t around much during the week.

Choose your flowers:

No matter which flower you choose, use a top quality potting mix such as Gro Plus Professional or Yates Advanced. Plant carefully into the mix and water well. Keep the pots in a sunny, out-of-the-way spot until they’re looking at their best and then move them into a prominent, show-off position. Once the plants reach maturity, begin feeding with Thrive Flower & Fruit. You can prolong their blooming by removing the spent flowers. Use Yates Rose Shield Insect & Disease Spray to control pests and diseases.


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