Yates Dynamic Lifter

Attract Bees & Butterflies

Bees and butterflies are important pollinators in the garden. Plus, it’s wonderful to see them dancing and fluttering around the garden. Help them become regular visitors by growing a variety of vibrant flowers that provide food for bees and butterflies.

Lift your gardening game by attracting bees & butterflies:

  1. Find a sunny spot in the garden with well-drained soil.
  2. Prepare the soil and mix some Yates Dynamic Lifter into the soil.
  3. Plant a mix of butterfly bush, sage, borage or lavender. Interplant species for a relaxed, cottage-garden look.
  4. Water in well and keep moist, but not wet.

Why use Yates Dynamic Lifter in a bee & butterfly garden?

Mixing Yates Dynamic Lifter into the soil in the flower garden improves the quality of the soil by increasing water and nutrient holding capacity, improves soil structure and provides food for beneficial soil microorganisms and earthworms.

Yates Dynamic Lifter helps give the new seedlings the best possible start by providing gentle slow release organic nutrients which promote root growth.

Whether you have the biggest backyard or a small patio, balcony or veranda there are lots of opportunities to start gardening during autumn.

Click on each tile to watch how-to videos and read the full instructions:

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